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2002-2017: Now in Year #14 of our Kamikaze Journey!
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  "Art is not a mirror to reflect reality, but a hammer with which to shape it."

-- Bertolt Brecht 

Where art is NOT a diversion for the elite
but a WEAPON for the UNDERDOG!!!

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September 14th - October 7th
for Curtain Up 2017... 



by Sinclair Lewis
adapted by Tony Taccone and Bennett S. Cohen

Directed by
Kurt Schneiderman*
Starring Dennis Keefe, Christopher Standart*,
and many others

Subversive Theatre is proud to kick off our 15th season of radical theatre with this urgently needed protest play adapted from Sinclair Lewis' prophetic 1935 Novel about a huckster politician who buys the presidential election and proceeds to turn America into a fascist dictatorship... see any modern parallels?

A wild mix of campy farce with dystopian horror, this in-your-face extravaganza offers a chilling warning that is needed now more than ever!

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Also Ahead...

Join us as we celebrate 15 years of radical theatre!!!


Monday, September 4th
Labor Day!!!

at Mohawk Place
(47 E. Mohawk Street,
downtown Buffalo)


Featuring live bands:
-The Dust Bowl Ramblers
-Ten Cent Howl
-Dick Whiskey

What better way to mark Labor Day than with a celebration of the start of year number 15 of radical plays at Subversive Theatre?  This event features three live bands as well as revivals of songs from favorite subversive musicals of the past -- JOE HILL'S LAST WILL and URINETOWN -- as well as a sneak peek performance of a number from our upcoming musical for 2018: THE FULL MONTY sung by Thomas LaChiusa and Jeffrey Coyle*

$15 dollars at the door not only gets you into the party but also gets you a year's membership to Subversive Theatre (at the $25 level) with discounts for shows all season long.

Help us keep the fires of protest theatre burning bright
in this time of darkness!!!

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