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Christopher Standart

     Over 20 years time, Chris has acted in/directed over 125 plays/musicals in Buffalo & NYC.
     Recently, Chris has been performing regularly with the Irish Classical Theatre (A MAN OF NO IMPORTANCE, AMADEUS, THE COBBLER, LADY WINDEMERE'S FAN, and others), Shakespeare in the Park (LOVE'S LABOURS LOST, HAMLET), and TornSpace (THE DEVILS, CLEANSED).
     In 2006, Chris directed QUILLS for TornSpace Theatre garnering five Artie Award nominations.
     Chris first appeared with Subversive Theatre as the truculent foul-mouthed construction worker "Blow Job" (pictured left) in the world debut of Kurt Schneiderman pro-Union play FOUNDATIONS (2007).
     Chris officially became a member of our Troupe in 2008 and most recently appeared in our staged reading of Bertolt Brecht's A MAN'S A MAN (2009).

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