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Hasheen DeBerry

     One of Subversive Theatre's most active members, Hasheen has been involved with theatre in many capacities both on and off stage since 2001.
     A recent graduate of Canisius College, Hasheen appeared in their drama club performances of HOUSE OF BLUE LEAVES, TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, ONCE ON THIS ISLAND, and HAIR.
     Behind the scenes, Hasheen has done everything from stage management, lights & sound, to set construction.
     Hasheen made his first Subversive appearance in our 2007 production of FOUNDATIONS (pictured left) at the New Phoenix Theatre.  After that, he performed in our staged reading of SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER for May Day 2007.
     For our production of SUBVERSIVE SHORTS 2007, Hasheen not only served as this project's technical director, but also took to the stage to perform in "A Random Act."  Not long after, he performed in our street-roaming production of THE EXCEPTION AND THE RULE for the 2007 Buffalo "infringement" Festival.  Then he lent his acting talents to our Artie Award-winning production of WAITING FOR LEFTY at the New Phoenix Theatre in January of 2008.
     Hasheen was at worked behind the scenes throughout April-May of 2008 as Stage Manager for our production of NICKEL AND DIMED at the ALT Theatre.  Most recently, Hasheen performed multiple roles in our staged reading of A TOTALITARIAN CHRISTMAS in December of 2009.
     Be on the lookout for Hasheen as he takes the Subversive stage yet again in our upcoming production of Langston Hughes' HARVEST in February-March of 2010.

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