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Kevin Cain

    The quintessential bohemian artist, Kevin feels right at home as a member of Subversive Theatre.
    A long-time experimental musician, Kevin first began his foray into the world of acting with the New Phoenix Theatre's performance art style production of GILGAMESH in the Spring of 2007.
    Since that time, all of Kevin's acting work has been with Subversive Theatre.  First he appeared as the boisterous "Ringmaster" of the wild political farce "The Lighter Side of Outsourcing Torture" as part of our 2007 sUBVERsIVE sHORTs Showcase.  Then he brought his mask and mime abilities to bear as a member of the ensemble of our outdoor experimental extravaganza THE EXCEPTION AND THE RULE for the 2007 Buffalo "infringement" Festival.
    Reliable, cooperative, with a wonderful passion for art and keen political awareness, Kevin has proven to be an excellent addition to our subversive team.

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