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  "Art is a Class Weapon."

-John Reed


Meet the Gang

Marshall Maxwell
Actor/Board Member

     Marshall defiantly classifies himself as an exponent of political theatre and is a fervent member of Subversive Theatre both as an actor and as part of our Board of Directors.  
     A former member of Maxine Klein's equally controversial Little Flaggs Theatre Company in Boston, Mass., Marshall's most memorable performances include roles in THE FURIES OF MOTHER JONES and WINDFALL.   
     Also having appeared with LaMama Theatre in New York City, Marshall's local work includes THE MIGHTY GENTS with the Paul Robeson Theatre as well as THE RESERVOIR and SWEET STREET with the New Phoenix Theatre Company.
     Marshall's first appearance with Subversive Theatre came in our production of A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON MY WAY TO SHOOT THE CZAR for the 2004 Toronto Fringe Festival where he displayed his considerable range playing the roles of the Shaman, Ermakov, and Chinese Emperor Chin Shyr-Huang.
     Marshall has since appeared in our productions of FOUNDATIONS at the New Phoenix Theatre in January-February of 2007 as well as our staged reading of SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER for May Day 2007.
     Marshall brought all his mask and mime talents to bear playing multiple roles in our production of Bertolt Brecht's THE EXCEPTION AND THE RULE (pictured above) as part of the 2007 Buffalo "infringement" Festival and appeared in our Artie Award-winning production of Clifford Odets' WAITING FOR LEFTY at the New Phoenix Theatre in January of 2008.
     Marshall also performed in our staged reading of THE MAN WHO NEVER DIED for May Day 2008 and -- most recently -- in DROP HAMMER (2008) for the third installment of our annual "Workers' Power Play Series".

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