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  "Art is a Class Weapon."

-John Reed

Meet the Gang

Tom Scahill 
Actor/Board Member/Troupe Organizer

     Tom made his triumphant return to the stage after a four year hiatus as Inspector Bertoczynski in our 2002 production of THE ACCIDENTAL DEATH OF AN ANARCHIST.  
     Also known for his work as House Manager for the New Phoenix Theatre, Tom has appeared in many shows down through the years including TALK RADIO, LONESTAR, and MISPAWCHA with the Buffalo Ensemble Theatre, and THE CAINE MUTINY COURT MARTIAL with Kavinoky Theatre, as well as various productions with Gideon Productions and Shakespeare in Delaware Park.  
     Heavily involved in pro-Union and anti-war causes, he works hard to practice on the streets what he preaches on the stage.    
     Tom returned to the Subversive stage as the voice of the HUAC Committee Chairman in our Artie Award-nominated production of PAUL ROBESON SPEAKS OUT! in February of 2004. Then he played HUAC Committee informant Larry Parks in our 2004 May Day staged reading of ARE YOU NOW OR HAVE YOU EVER BEEN...  For our 2005 May Day presentation he portrayed Bolshevik cell leader Anton in THE MOTHER.  After that, he played the Editor in our staged reading of BURY THE DEAD for the Buffalo installment of the international "Bury the Dead Project" on September 19th, 2005.
     Tom took on the role of an evil policeman in our world premiere of FOUNDATIONS at the New Phoenix Theatre in January of 2007.  He then played the maniacal gun-thug (pictured above) in our Artie Award-winning production of WAITING FOR LEFTY at the New Phoenix Theatre in January of 2008.
     Most recently Tom lent his acting skills to our staged reading of THE MAN WHO NEVER DIED for May Day 2008 and again for our staged reading of DAYS OF THE COMMUNE for May Day 2009.
     A strenuous supporter of Subversive Theatre and an ever reliable member, Tom joined our Board of Directors in December of 2008.  The Organizer of the Troupe, Tom co-ordinates many volunteer efforts and generally keeps the operation chugging ahead.  Thank you, Tom, for all your incredible work!
     Look for Tom on the Subversive stage yet again in our upcoming production of 84 in January of 2010.

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