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Virginia Brannon
Actor/Director/Stage Manager/Dramaturg

    A graduate of Niagara University's Theatre Program, Virginia and an experienced stage manager, director, and actress.
     As a stage manager, she has worked for the New Phoenix Theatre's productions of BLUE/ORANGE, THE ORGANIC MOVEMENT OF CHAIR AND PITCHER, and THE WOMAN BEFORE.
     At Lewiston's Theater-in-the-Mist, she directed their renditions of THE SUNSHINE BOYS and WAIT TILL DARK and starred in their production of NUNSENSE.
     Virginia is also very active as an organizer, director, and actor for various Buffalo "infringement" Festivals where she directed independent productions of THE RESPECTFUL PROSTITUTE (2006), FLOATERS (2008), and CLOSER (2009).
     With Subversive Theatre, Virginia has staged managed a long list of our productions including FOUNDATIONS (2007), WAITING FOR LEFTY (2008), DROP HAMMER (2008), OUROBOROS (2009), and -- most recently -- WATERBOARDING BLUES (2009).
     Her first time directing for Subversive Theatre was "Please Remove this Stuffed Animal from my Head," a vignette in our 2007 SUBVERSIVE SHORTS Program.  The first full-scale Subversive Theatre production Virginia directed was our enormously successful NICKEL AND DIMED at the Alt Theatre in April-May, 2008.  After that she directed PALACE OF THE END as the first-ever production at our new space, the Manny Fried Playhouse and then directed two vignettes for sUBVERsIVE sHORTs 2009 -- "Ismene's Press Conference" and "The Gospel According to Beatrice."
Most recently, Virginia directed our critically-acclaimed production of Anna Deavere Smith's TWILIGHT: Voices of the 1992 L.A. Riots.
     As an actress, Virginia has appeared in our staged readings of THE MAN WHO NEVER DIED for May Day 2008, DAYS OF THE COMMUNE for May Day 2009, and -- most recently -- A TOTALITARIAN CHRISTMAS in December of 2009.

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