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2002-2017: Now in Year #14 of our Kamikaze Journey!
Subversive Theatre: Where pissing you off is only the beginning

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  "The Revolutionary Theatre must Accuse and Attack anything that can be accused and attacked.  It must kill any God anyone names except common Sense." 

-Amiri Baraka


Other Buffalo-Area Progressive Theatre Companies

  • Buffalo United Artists
    Known as "Buffalo's off-Broadway," this ten-year-old theatre company often focuses on gay-related and politically oriented material
  • Hag Theatre Company
    Buffalo's lesbian theatre troupe frequently speaks to political issues
  • Ujima Theatre Company
    Western New York's only professional African- American Theatre Company -- often highly political

Political Theatre Groups & Troupes Worldwide!

  • The Actors' Gang
    Spearheaded by the notorious lefty actor Tim Robbins this L.A.-based group is devoted to "raw, immediate, and socially minded" theatre
  • Artists' Network of Refuse & Resist!
    The anarchist group Refuse & Resist sponsors this national network to create a "Culture of Resistance"
  • Bread and Puppet Theatre
    Not their official website, but a good source for info on this left-wing puppet street theatre organization
  • Brecht Forum -- New York Marxist School
    A central Manhattan-based educational group for radical political debate and theatrical productions
  • Buddies In Bad Times Theatre
    Toronto's pre-eminent gay theatre often with a political angle
  • Castillo Theatre
    An off-off-Broadway collective devoted to "Post-Modern Political Theatre"
  • City Garage Theatre
    A Santa Monica-based troupe which endeavors to "the necessary global dialogue on social change."
  • Cleveland Public Theatre
    An "alternative performance company" devoted to "experimental & political" theatrical work
  • The Diggers
    Started in the 1960s, this quasi-underground San Francisco-based street theatre campaign has long been a source of radical art
  • Edward's Theatre Company
    One of England's most progressive theatre companies
  • InterAct Theatre Company
    A Philadelphia-based company for "contemporary plays that explore social, political, and cultural issues"
  • Keep Left Theatre
    One of Melbourne, Australia's most extreme political theatres
  • LaMaMa Theatre
    An off-Broadway troupe devoted to controversial new works especially that of Blacks and Latinos
  • The Living Theatre
    Since the 1950s this company has been one of the world's leading sources of controversial theatre
  • Lost Carnival
    A Toronto-based group specializing in left-wing musicals, "inspired by theatre practitioners, such as Bertolt Brecht, Dario Fo, Clifford Odets and John McGrath"
  • New Federal Theatre
    A company on Manhattan's Lower East Side "specializing in minority drama"
  • The New Group Theatre
    An off-Broadway troupe specifically focusing on social and political issues
  • Optative Theatrical Laboratories
    Based in Montreal, this "non-hierarchical dramatic collective" undertakes to "theatrically challenge hegemonic thought-patterns and oppressive systems."
  • The San Francisco Mime Troupe
    Since 1959, this collectivist troupe has been using everything from street theatre to Commedia del'Arte to advance "socially relevant theatre"
  • Stage Left Theatre
    The issue-oriented theatre that the Chicago Tribune calls "unabashedly political"
  • THAW Theaters Against War
    Built out of the 2003 anti-Gulf War movement, this NYC-based umbrella group unites over two hundred member companies worldwide!
  • Theatre of the Oppressed Laboratory
    Rooted in the work of Brazilian Director Augusto Boal, this NYC collectivist troupe uses "interactive theatre as an organizing tool" against social injustice
  • Travesty Theatre
    An English-speaking Montreal based group whose mandate is to "create a spectacle that produces in its audience a state of revolution, fear, lust, and beauty"
  • Tricklock Theatre Company
    A New Mexico touring company "committed to artistic risk, physicality, absurdism, and poetic work"

We are eager to make this catalogue as all-inclusive as possible.  If you know of any websites that ought to be included here, please contact us and let us know.

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