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  "Perhaps you could describe it as 'theatre of defiance'; yes, my object is to defy.  I am protesting against the conspiracy of silence about how the next man lives and what happens to groups other than our own." 

-South African Playwright
Athol Fugard
Mother Dis-Courage
Just Another Absurdist, Neo-Brechtian, Anti-Imperialist Extravaganza
September 16-25, 2004
at the Squeaky Wheel Media Arts Center
Read the Review
- Alt Press 9/24/04 

    Subversive Theatre made its first presentation for the annual Buffalo Theatre Festival Curtain Up with our production of the world-debut of MOTHER DIS-COURAGE as part of a double-bill opposite the Gerald Fried Theatre Company's rendition of Arthur Miller's one-act drama I CAN'T REMEMBER ANYTHING.
    An off-the-wall political farce, MOTHER DIS-COURAGE pit the Ghost of Bertolt Brecht versus Britney Spears and George Orwell versus John Lennon in a battle for the hearts and minds of one American soldier stationed in Iraq and his pacifist mother.  Drawing on Brecht's classic play MOTHER COURAGE as well as images of torture in Abu Graib Prison, the spirit of the Dixie Chicks, and even snippets of Dickens' A CHRISTMAS CAROL, this one-act agit-prop-esque spoof offered just the kind of unapologetically anti-war, anti-establishment mis-en-scene that Subversive Theatre is known for.
    In her luminous review, Staff Writer Alice Gerard wrote for Alt Press Magazine: "Despite the unpleasant reality of the issues brought up, the play never becomes tedious or tasteless.  It always stays in the realm of political satire, and, as such, makes for far better entertainment than the daily newspaper."
    Written and Directed by Subversive Theatre's Founder and Artistic Director Kurt Schneiderman, MOTHER DIS-COURAGE ran for a two-week engagement at the Squeaky Wheel Media Arts Center and enlisted the talents of the following performers:

Bertolt Brecht . . . . . . Keith Elkins+
Britney Spears . .  Jeannine Giffear+
Mother Dis-Courage . . Kate Olena
Son Dis-Courage . . . Rich Kraemer
Mr. Moneybags . . . .  Donald Gallo
George Orwell . . .  Emanuel Fried*
John Lennon . . . . . . . Kevin Costa
Paul McCartney . . . Paul Wynecski

* = indicates members of the Actors' Equity Association

+ = indicates members of the Subversive Theatre Collective

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