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  "Unless the actor is satisfied to be a parrot or a monkey he must master our period's knowledge of human social life by himself joining in the war of the classes. 
  "[F]or art to be 'un-political' means only to ally itself with the ruling group."
-- Bertolt Brecht


by Bertolt Brecht

July 29 - August 5, 2007

"The most colorfully visible and audible face of the [infringement] festival this year."
Geoff Kelly, ARTVOICE MAGAZINE 8/2/07
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"The sizable audience, it turned out, loved the hour-long show and followed it... to eight separate locations."
Colin Dabkowski, BUFFALO NEWS 7/31/07
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"One of the sweet triumphs of the Infringement Festival... Director Schneiderman has energized a somewhat stiff script into a multifaceted and compelling work of art."
Willy Rogue Donaldson, NIGHTLIFE MAGAZINE 8/6/07
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    For the third annual Buffalo "infringement" Festival, Subversive Theatre was thrilled to present a street theatre version of Bertolt Brecht's one-act masterpiece THE EXCEPTION AND THE RULE -- an elemental tale of exploitation, corruption, and injustice.
    This roughly hour-long play shows the journey of one oppressive "Merchant" and his over-worked "Coolie" laborer as they trek across the fictitious "Jahi Desert" somewhere in the Far East.
    To enact this play's journey, our totally unconventional rendition took audiences on a quite literal journey through the streets, sidewalks, parks, and parking lots of Allentown.  THAT'S RIGHT!  With each show our actors would literally wend their way -- scene by scene -- through the very epicenter of the "infringement" Festival with audiences following in our wake.  Each performance began in Day's Park and ended several blocks away on the steps of the Karpeles Manuscript Museum at the corner of North Street & Elmwood Avenue.
   This experimental endeavor also incorporated mime, mask work, and live improvisational music from a wildly costumed bohemian marching band.
    Bringing together the daring of experimental theatre, the pathos of interpretive movement, and the energy of an anything-goes marching band -- all bound together by the radical words of Bertolt Brecht -- our rendition of THE EXCEPTION AND THE RULE made for a vibrant spectacle and a totally unprecedented theatrical experience.  Enjoying rave reviews from the press, this project was undoubtedly one of our most truly "subversive" productions!
    Here's the rundown on who did what:

Director . . . . . . . .  Kurt Schneiderman*
Stage Manager . Jeanette Schneiderman*
Music Director . . . . . . . . . . Patrick Cain
Costume Designer . . Patricia Armstrong*
Choreographer . . . . . . Monica Karwan*
Graphic Design . . . . . . . Matt Clabeaux*
House Manager . . . . . . Michael Fanelli*

The Coolie . . . . . .  Leonard Ziolkowski
The Merchant . . . . . . . . . . Travis Taber
Guide/Ensemble . . .  Hasheen DeBerry*
Judge 1/Ensemble . Patricia Armstrong*
Innkeeper/Ensemble . . Anthony Tyrpak
Widow/Ensemble . . . Monica Karwan*
Judge 2/Ensemble .  Marshall Maxwell*
Judge 3/Ensemble . . . .  Briana Jernigan
Caravan Leader/Ensemble . Kevin Cain*

* = members of the Subversive Theatre Collective

This production would not have been possible without volunteer prop construction work by Kathleen Foster, Franz Schneiderman, Franklin LaVoie, Mary Loftus as well as help from all of the cast and crew.
Special thanks is also due to:
Richard Lambert of the New Phoenix Theatre, Liz Kolken of the Quaker Bonnet Eatery, Mark Goldman of Hardware Cafe, Christopher Kelly of the Karpeles Manuscript Museum, and Blue Mountain Coffees

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