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  "We want no more bastard drama; no more attempts to dress out the simple dignity of everyday life in the peacock's feathers of false lyricism; no more straw-stuffed heroes or heroines; no more rabbits and goldfish from the conjurer's pockets, nor any lime-light.
   Let us have starlight, moonlight, sunlight, and the light of our own self-respects." 
-- John Galsworthy


at the Helen Phelan Gardiner Playhouse
July 2nd-11th, 2004
Sponsored by the Arts Council of Buffalo and Erie County

     Subversive Theatre was honored to be one of the eight troupes chosen worldwide to make up the international component of the sixteenth annual Toronto Fringe Festival -- an event that comprised one hundred twenty different productions in twenty one different venues all crammed into a twelve day period.
     For this auspicious opportunity, we presented the original work A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON MY WAY TO SHOOT THE CZAR!!! by Subversive Theatre's Founder & Artistic Director Kurt Schneiderman.
     This bizarre, historical, stream-of-consciousness, occasionally farcical drama follows the experience of one very confused Red Army Soldier who's ordered to execute deposed Czar Nicholas II in 1918.  Before he can ask "do the ends justify the means?" he finds himself bouncing back and forth through time.  First he lurches forward to one of Stalin's gulags and witnesses the horrors of what his regime will become.  And then it's backward in history to his own poverty-stricken youth in pre-war Russia.
     Just to keep things interesting he also briefly finds himself at an endless tea party at the far end of the cosmos that hosts all of history's executed dictators.
     Declared a "political think piece" with "respectable turns" by Toronto's Eye Magazine, our production most certainly raised some eye brows and gave us our first opportunity to do some good ol' fashion subverting north of the border.
     Here's the rundown on who did what:

Yuri Gregorevich Gavrilov . . . John Kreuzer
Fetiukov/Mother/Abe . . . .  Arlene Clement
Sergeant/Nicholas/Charles . . Dennis Keefe*
Shaman/Ermakov/Chin .  Marshall Maxwell*
Rubashov/Tupa/Marie . . . . Kristi Potteiger*
Yurovsky/Goldstein/Julius .  Andy Michalski

Director/Author/SM . . Kurt Schneiderman*
Commissar of Costumes . . . . Maura Price*
Generalissimo of Sound . . . .  John Shotwell
Graphics Czar . . . . . .  Matthew Clabeaux*

This production would not have been possible without volunteer assistance from the following gracious souls:
Michael Fanelli*, Robert "Hodie" Hodas*, Franklin LaVoie*, Daire Brian Irwin*, Timothy McPeek, James Holstun*, Tom Scahill*, Robert Palmer, Richard Lambert, 
The New Phoenix Theatre Company,
The Buffalo & Erie County Arts Council,
Odd Man Ou....t Design Studio,
Revolutionary Graphics Studio,
and The Allen Street Connection

* = indicates members of the Subversive Theatre Collective

Copyright (c) 2002-13, Subversive Theatre Collective.  All rights reserved.