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  "We have chosen the farce as the instrument of our work as actors in service to the class war because it is the theatrical form invented by the people ' cut with the scorching tongue and inexorable putrid pit into which the ruling class is splattered.'
  "That putrid pit IS the bourgeois culture." 

-Dario Fo

July 24 - August 9, 2009
at the Manny Fried Playhouse

for the 2009 Buffalo "infringement" Festival

by Eugene O'Neill

"The Hairy Ape could easily lend itself to radical propaganda, and it is somewhat surprising that it has not already been used for this purpose."

"...bold, passionate, and wildly experimental."

--Jason Clark, BUFFALO NEWS 7/28/09
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     For the fifth-annual Buffalo "infringement" Festival, Subversive Theatre was proud to present our own wildly experimental perversion of Eugene O'Neill's wonderfully class conscious black comedy THE HAIRY APE.
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     This off-beat one-act play -- substantially more surreal and more overtly political than any of O'Neill's other works -- follows the half comic misadventures of a boisterous working man known only as "The Yank" who is eager to kill off his bourgeois oppressors but just can't quite figure out how to get his extermination campaign underway!
     Adding a turn-of-the-century circus theme to O'Neill's in-your-face drama, our rendition featured a dizzying array of presentational styles -- juggling, puppetry, mime, movement, mask work, and even a live found-sound orchestra.
     Each performance began as Ringmaster "Bartholomew Wigglesworth" of the "Burn 'Em & Bail 'Em Circus" -- surrounded by a bevy of jugglers, acrobats, puppeteers, peanut vendors, and corset-clad beauties -- stepped forward to tell "The Tale of the Insufficiently Class-Conscious American Worker Who Just Made Things Worse for Himself . . . or The Hairy Ape!"
     Using intensely stylized movement to enact the play's graphic depiction of class distinction and the exploitation of the toiling ship workers as well as a series of elemental props -- such as scarves, staffs, benches, and fabrics -- to symbolically conjure up many scenes and special effects, our version of THE HAIRY APE made for a very daring exploration into the world of experimental theatre that both dazzled and bemused thronging crowds in the sweltering heat of the Manny Fried Playhouse in the height of summer.
     Through this production, Subversive Theatre also opened the doors of our venue to other "infringement" Festival events.  All in all, we were proud to host over fifteen separate productions in the space of just eleven short days!
     Here's a quick rundown on the many, many artists who brought THE HAIRY APE to life:


Kurt Schneiderman*
Kurt Schneiderman* & Brian Zybala*
The Ringmaster . . . . .  Brian Zybala*
The Yank . . . . . . .  Patrick Cameron
Mildred & others . .  Candice Kogut*
Paddy & others . . . . . .  Paul O'Hern
Aunt & others . . . . . . . .  Betsy Bittar
Long & others . . . Anthony Orlowski
IWW Speaker & others . John Vines
Jailbird & others . . . Drew McCabe*
Prostitute & others . . .  Sarah Brown
Monkey & others . Monica Karwan*
The Hairy Ape . Leonard Ziolkowski
Puppetering . . . . Mark Tattenbaum*

Patrick Cain & Gabriel Gutierrez

Costumes . . . . . .  Paul Stephenson*
Lights . . . . . . . . . Craig Freudenthal
Set . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Hank Schmidt
Movement . . . . .  Monica Karwan*
Stage Combat . . . . Candice Kogut*
Poster & Web  Kurt Schneiderman*
Poster Illustrator . .  Matt Clabeaux*
Backdrop Illustrator  Melissa Grosse
Puppets . . . . . .  Mark Tattenbaum*
Stage Manager . . . . . . Rachel Zeller
Mask Crafting . . . Franklin LaVoie*
Costume Assistant . . . Nicole Bagay
Set Painting . . . . . . .  Jessica Fialko
House Management . . Tom Scahill*
Michael Fanelli*, Jessica Fialko,
Franklin LaVoie*, Hank Schmidt,
Kurt & Jeanette Schneiderman*,
Rachel Zeller, Brian Zybala*
Michael Fanelli*, Tom Izard*,
Kurt Schneiderman*

* = indicates members of the Subversive Theatre Collective

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