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2002-2017: Now in Year #14 of our Kamikaze Journey!
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  "The subjects for our people's theatre will have to be new.  Its audience has changed, and now we must talk to this audience about itself.
  As far as I am concerned, I now have nothing more to say to the bourgeois."

-Jean-Paul Sartre
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About the Brazen Faced Varlets

About the Crew of . . .

     Scroll down to meet the fearless gang of behind-the-scenes-ians who made everything possible!








Susan Forbes*
     Susan has worked in professional theatre for 25 years as an actor and a director with such theatres as The MUNY, Kenley Players, Trinity Repertory Company, Pasadena Playhouse, Cleveland Playhouse, The Opera Company of the Palm Beaches, and The Hangar Theatre. 
     Also a long time educator, Susan currently teaches theatre-related disciplines at Empire State College.  Local directorial credits include STOP KISS and RECKLESS at Buffalo State College, SQUEEZE BOX at Alleyway Theatre, and was    Assistant Director for SOMEONE WHO'LL WATCH OVER ME at Irish Classical Theatre.
     Subversive Theatre's Overall Dramaturg, Susan directed the vignette VESSELS (2009) and our staged reading of HOMEBODY/KABUL (2009)

Sara Burget+
(Stage Manager)
     Sara is enjoying her first ever time stage managing.  She's been involved with the Brazen Faced Varlets for two years handling the box office for a variety of shows including their performance for the 2008 "infringement" Festival CATHOLIC SCHOOL GIRLS at the Alt Theatre.
     Most recently she was front of house goddess for the one woman show CLIT NOTES at Rust Belt Books.
     This is Sara's first time working with Subversive Theatre.  She is looking forward to many more experiences in the theatre.

Heather Fangsrud*+
(Assistant Stage Manager)
     In addition to her work on stage, Heather has also been performing a long list of behind the scene duties -- from set construction, to light focusing, to painting, etc., while also serving as a mentor to our first-time stage manager!
     With a wealth of both on stage and backstage experience at her command, Heather has proven to be an invaluable part of this endeavor.  Thank you, Heather, for all you great work!

Sue Franclemont
(Set Design)
     In civilian life, Sue works in marketing for Bryant & Stratton College.  A student at Empire State College (under the mentorship of the mighty Susan Forbes!), she is pursuing her Bachelor Degree in Business, Management, and Economics but is also exploring various creative projects to help determine where to focus her eventual Master's degree work.
     Sue has done a variety of event design projects in the past, but has never before undertaken theatre design.  She jumped at the chance to work on a theatre-related project!
     This is Sue's first time with Subversive Theatre.

John Shotwell*
(Sound Design)
     Subversive Theatre's Resident Sound Designer, John is a certifiably insane freelance audio engineer and stagehand.  His extensive list of sound design credits include: New Phoenix Theatre, Road Less Traveled Productions, Shakespeare in Delaware Park, and the Lazlo/Rozler Noise Project.
     As a sound tech, John has toured the World with Rock Groups The John and Mary Band, Moxy Fruvous, The 10,000 Maniacs, The Horse Flies, and Enter the Haggis.
     With Subversive Theatre, John has conjured soundscapes for a long list of our productions from A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON MY WAY TO SHOOT THE CZAR way back in 2004 to our most recent production HARVEST.

Joan Golda
(Lighting Designer)
     Yet another of Susan Forbes' intrepid students at Empire State College, Joan will be graduating this June with a B.S. is the Arts with a concentration in performance and multimedia.
     Joan started out as musical theatre major at Fredonia over thirty years ago and did some local theatre way back when.
     Also a singer who performs regularly with the worship team at her church, Joan appreciates this opportunity to explore another creative avenue.
     This is Joan's first time working with Subversive Theatre -- and her first time doing lighting design.

Kurt Schneiderman*
(Lighting Design/Web Design/Photography)
     Subversive Theatre's Founder & Artistic Director, Kurt is also an Artie-Award-winning Lighting Designer who has worked with almost every theatre company in town in a variety of technical capacities.
     As Producer of this production, Kurt was thrilled to play a number of roles, from doing promotion, assisting with poster design, designing the website, and co-designing the lights with quickly developing colleague Joan Golda.  
     Kurt proudly dedicates all his artistic work to the coming peoples' revolution -- the sooner we paint the walls with the blood of the patrician class, the better! 

Melissa Grosse
(Poster Illustrator)
     This is Melissa's fifth time crafting images for Subversive Theatre.  She started off by sketching backdrops for our production of THE HAIRY APE as part of the 2009 Buffalo "infringement" Festival, then she designed and illustrated the poster for WIDOWS (2009), and then illustrated both poster and playbill for WE WON'T PAY! WE WON'T PAY! -- a production that never saw the light of day (but the posters looked great!).
     Most recently, Melissa crafted the poster for our production of HARVEST.  We're thrilled to have Melissa in on the fun again this time around.

Michael Fanelli*
(Executive Director/Treasurer)
     As Subversive Theatre's Executive Director, Board Member, and Treasurer, Mike routinely plays a variety of crucial roles in bringing our productions to life.  
     As always, we're delighted to have him on board.  Thanks, Mike, we couldn't do it with out ya!

Rachel Zeller*
(Production Manager)
     As Subversive Theatre's recently enshrined Production Manager, Rachel has been playing a number of important roles in helping our newest production come screaming into the world -- from props gathering to inventory-taking, she's done a lot to help keep everything moving forward while simultaneously facing the Herculean challenge of getting the instinctively anarchistic institution of Subversive Theatre more organized and better coordinated.
     Rachel has been involved in theatre since the tender age of eight years old and has worked on many, many shows both on stage and behind the scenes.  She holds an A.S. in Theatre from Finger Lakes Community College and recently earned her B.A. in Theatre from UB.
     A mother of two beautiful daughters, and married to the perfect man, Rachel is very humble.

Lizz Schumer*
(Publicity Director)
     Subversive Theatre's Publicity Director for almost a year now, Lizz is a key link in spreading the word about our productions.
     Lizz's background is shrouded in a near-impenetrable cloak of mystery, but rumor has it that she grew up around here, went to school around here, and -- evidently -- is yet to escape.
     After studying both communications and the theatre as an undergrad,  Lizz developed an abiding passion for daring, unconventional, and socially relevant theatre -- making her the perfect candidate to carry forth the news of Subversive Theatre's work to the world.
     Thanks for all your great work, Lizz!

Tom Scahill*
(House Management)
     A member of Subversive Theatre's Board of Directors and the Organizer of our Troupe, Tom has long played an important role tackling the unglamorous logistical tasks that make a theatre run . . . and, as if this wasn't enough, he's also acted in a number of our productions!
     On this project, Tom is once again playing a crucial role overseeing the challenges of House Management and assembling a great team of ushers, helpers, and do-ers, as well as doing the lion's share of the postering.  Way to go, Tom!

* = indicates members of the Subversive Theatre Collective
+ = indicates members of the Brazen Faced Varlets

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