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   "The Arts are the locale for a kind of guerilla warfare . . . they're subtle so the Establishment gambles that they won't lead to anything threatening.  
    But the Establishment often loses that gamble." 

-Howard Zinn


July 24th - August 2nd, 2014
at the Manny Fried Playhouse

our ninth annual production for the Buffalo "infringement" Festival...

by Slawomir Mrozek


Directed by Kurt Schneiderman*
Starring Michael Starzynski, Danica Riddick, 
Carlton Franklin*, Xavier Harris, & David C. Mitchell

"... pockets of comedic gold... accentuates the alternative, underground message... a fitting tie-in to Infringement's mission."
Ben Siegel  BUFFALO NEWS  7/31/14

July 24th - August 2nd, 2014
Thursdays, Fridays, & Saturdays @ 8pm
Tickets $10 general admission
For both Thursday shows admission is pay-what-you-can

Click here to purchase tickets online for all shows

          Fuck you, Big Brother!

          Subversive Theatre is proud to return to Buffalo's "infringement" Festival with an outrageously over-the-top absurdist play that offers a steady supply of ridicule for authoritarians everywhere.

          Set in a fantastical dictatorship, the secret police have just brought down the last revolutionary and suddenly realize -- gasp -- THEY'VE JUST PUT THEMSELVES OUT OF A JOB!!!  What does a police state do with no dissidents left to persecute?  Come see for yourself in this gloriously outlandish spoof that's half Monty Python, half Marx Brothers, and one-third Anarchist Cookbook!

          Written in 1958 and set in the Nineteenth Century, it's both impressive and scary to see how relevant this anti-authoritarian misadventure seems in modern-day surveillance-saturated America!

          The first play ever written by Poland's notorious absurdist playwright Slawomir Mrozek, Subversive Theatre is proud to present this work as a salute to this world-renowned subversive writer on the one-year anniversary of his death.  A passionate opponent of Stalinism and oppressive systems of all kinds, Mrozek was banned from his homeland when he spoke out against the crackdown on protesters in Czechoslovakia in 1968 and spent most of his life as refugee.  His genre-breaking plays serve as a beautiful testament to the inventive and unexpected ways theatre can be used as a rallying cry against dictators everywhere.

          Presented with a tidal wave of larger-than-life caricatures, campy portrayals, and cartoonish voices, our production is directed by Subversive Theatre's Artistic Director (and infringement festival founder) Kurt Schneiderman* and stars Michael Starzynski, Danica Riddick, Carlton Franklin*, Xavier Harris, and David C. Mitchell with readings by Albert Falcone.

          Sound Design is by Brian Zybala* with lighting by Kurt Schneiderman* & Caitlin Gill, scenic illustrations by J. Tim Raymond, set work by Tim Lane & Tom Izard*, props by Albert Falcone and costume work by Kaitlin Russo and Dacia Dunnigan.

          THE POLICE runs July 24th - August 2nd with performances Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 8pm.  All performances are in Subversive Theatre's usual performance venue, The Manny Fried Playhouse at 255 Great Arrow Avenue on the third floor of North Buffalo's Great Arrow Building.  

          Tickets are $10 general admission.  For all Thursday shows, admission is pay-what-you-can.  Tickets can be purchased online right here on this site, or you can make a reservation on our phoneline at 716-408-0499.  

          This production is presented as part of the 2014 Buffalo "infringement" Festival -- Buffalo's deliriously anarchic non-hierarchical celebration of free-thinking delivering eleven days of all types of "art under the radar."  To find out more about other festival offerings, visit their website at

          Subversive Infringy Power to All!!!

* = indicates members of the Subversive Theatre Collective

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