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"The thrust for freedom is the quality in tragedy which exalts.  The revolutionary questioning of the stable environment is what terrifies.  In no way is the common man debarred from such thoughts or such actions." 

-Arthur Miller

The fifth show in our  2007 "sUBVERsIVE sHORTs" Showcase

by Hank Kimmel
Directed by Kurt Schneiderman*

Starring Keith Elkins as "Theater Artist"

"EFF YOU" is a playful eight-minute long monologue delivered by a playwright contemplating the pros and cons of using a certain four-letter word expletive in his work.  Atlanta playwright Hank Kimmel turns this seemingly benign situation into a very funny intellectual tug-of-war as his overly cerebral protagonist gets lost in a whirlwind of his own second guessing.  In the course of all this word play, the main character also raises a number of challenging questions about modern-day standards, perceptions, and prejudices.

Hank Kimmel is the President of Working Title Playwrights (, an Atlanta-based theatre company dedicated to the development of playwrights and new plays.  Hank's work was featured  this Spring by the Jewish Theatre of the South in Hank Kimmel's Shorts, a contemporary comic look at relationships, work, religion and neighborhood life. Hank is a member of the Dramatists Guild.

Keith Elkins ("Theater Artist")
    Since 1979, Keith "No Relation" Elkins has appeared in as many as 50 shows on several Buffalo stages including Kavinoky, Shakespeare in Delaware Park, Theater of Youth, and the Buffalo Ensemble Theatre.
     In recent years, however, he's shown up mainly in Subversive Theatre productions and he's happy to be doing so again.  Other Subversive credits include, KARL MARX IN ALLENTOWN (2002), BURY THE DEAD (2003), MOTHER DIS-COURAGE (2004 & 2005), WHAT I HEARD ABOUT IRAQ (2006) and -- most recently -- FOUNDATIONS (2007).

Kurt "Vile" Schneiderman*
    Subversive Theatre's Founder & Artistic Director, Kurt is thrilled to see our "sUBVERsIVE sHORTs" Program grow into an annual event with so many talented artists involved!
    A playwright, director, activist, and technician, Kurt has directed the lion's share of Subversive Theatre's event (including many of the shorts for "sUBVERsIVE sHORTs 2005").
     Kurt sends all his love to Jenny the Splendiferous without whom all of this would be worthless.

* = indicates members of the Subversive Theatre Collective

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