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  "What is there left for us that have seen the newly discovered stability of things changed from enthusiasm to weariness but to rediscover an art of the theatre, which shall be joyful, fantastic, extravagant, whimsical, beautiful, resonant, and altogether RECKLESS?" 
-- William Butler Yeats


by Ariel Dorfman

May 1st, 2007
At the Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center

    For our sixth-annual May Day Performance, Subversive Theatre was very proud to present a staged reading of Tony Award-winning Chilean Playwright Ariel Dorfman's powerful new play SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER.  Adapted from the book (of the same title) by Kerry Kennedy, this roughly hour-long docudrama called upon eight actors to perform the testimonials of over fifty different human rights activist from all over the world.
    Shocking, empowering, uplifting, and always inspiring, these testimonials spanned just about every human rights issue imaginable and included the words of activists like Desmond Tutu, the Dalai Lama, Elie Wiesel, Sister Helen Prejean, and many, many more.
    For more information about the play, the book, or the organization SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER visit  
    Held in the screening room of the Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center, this production featured a stellar cast that put on a highly impassioned performance.  And, as always, we were honored to do our small part to help keep the tradition of May Day alive!
    Here's the list of who did what:

Director . . . . . .  Kurt Schneiderman*
House Manager . . .  Michael Fanelli*
Publicity . . . . . . . . . Michael Fanelli*
Newsletter .  Jeanette Schneiderman*
Poster Design . . Kurt Schneiderman*

Narrator . . . . . .  Diane Cammarata*
First Voice . . . . . Hasheen DeBerry*
Second Voice . .  Lara Haberberger*
Third Voice . . . . . . David Granville*
Fourth Voice . .  Patricia Armstrong*
Fifth Voice . . . .  Marshall Maxwell*
Sixth Voice . . . . . . . . . Julie Oesch*
Seventh Voice . . . . . .  Keith Elkins*
Eighth Voice . . . . . . . . Dana Block*

* = members of the Subversive Theatre Collective

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