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  "Theatre is just an empty box and it is our duty to fill it with fury and with ecstasy... and with revolution."

-Oliver Welles

April 26th - May 25th, 2013
at the New Phoenix Theatre on the Park

for the seventh installment of our annual "Workers' Power Play Series"
Subversive Theatre is proud to present in collaboration with the New Phoenix Theatre on the Park...


by Budd Schulberg
Directed by Kurt Schneiderman*
Starring Matthew Nerber, Richard Lambert+, 
Andrea Andolina, and Victor Morales

April 26th - May 25th, 2013
Thursdays, Fridays, & Saturdays @ 8pm

 at the New Phoenix Theatre on the Park
(95 North Johnson Park, just off of Elmwood Ave between Chippewa & Tupper)
Tickets $25.00 General Admission
$15.00 for students, seniors, and Subversive Theatre members
Admission for all Thursday performances is pay-what-you-can

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-- Buffalo News Review 5/4/13
-- Artvoice Article 5/2/13
-- Online Buffalo Review 5/1/13


-- Director's Notes
-- About this Play's Production History
-- About the 1954 Film

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 "'On the Waterfront' can take its rightful place in the Workers' series, alongside 'Waiting for Lefty,' 'Mother Jones,' and the many labor-related plays of Manny Fried."
-Ted Hadley  BUFFALO NEWS  5/4/13
click here to read this review for yourself

 "'On the Waterfront' is a stage classic and really worth the trip to Johnson Park."
-Augustine Warner  ONLINE BUFFALO  5/1/13
click here to read this review for yourself

    For the seventh installment of Subversive Theatre's annual "Workers' Power Play Series", Subversive Theatre is excited to once again join forces with the New Phoenix Theatre on the Park to present one of the most powerful blue-collar epics of all time: ON THE WATERFRONT.  Crafted to "cut closer to the bone," this stage version of the iconic  1954 Hollywood film was developed by the film's author Budd Schulberg in 2001 and has seen landmark renditions at the Cleveland Playhouse, Hoboken's Renegade Theater, Manhattan's Theater Row Theater, and -- most recently -- on London's West End under the direction of the legendary Stephen Berkoff.  

    Set amidst the bleak landscape of New York City's harbor front in the early 1950s, this explosive tale of desire, murder, and betrayal shows us the overworked longshoremen who wearily unload the ships that supply the nation and the mob-controlled labor leaders who hoard the spoils of their labor.  Caught between these two hostile camps, one restless ex-boxer (Terry Malloy) and one idealistic priest (Father Barry) find the courage to speak out and unleash an avalanche that will rock their hard-bitten world to its foundations.  

  "If you do it to the least of mine, you do it to me!"
                                          -Father Barry

    Directed by Subversive Theatre's Founder & Artistic Director Kurt Schneiderman*, ON THE WATERFRONT stars New Phoenix's Founder & Executive Director Richard Lambert+ as Father Barry with Matthew Nerber as Terry Malloy, Andrea Andolina as Edie Doyle, and Victor Morales as mob boss Johnny Friendly.  The rest of this play's extensive ensemble features Jack Agugliaro*, Carlton Franklin, Gary Darling, Hasheen DeBerry*, Leon S. Copeland, Jr.*, Murry Galloway*, Justin Fiordaliso, Jonathan Lee, Tom Scahill*, John Kennedy, and Stephen Harris.  

    Set Design is by Michael Lodick* with Lighting Design by Chris Cavanagh, Costume Design by Loraine O'Donnell, Sound Design by Kendall Kelly, and Make-up Design by Nancy Hughes.  Dance Choreography is by Monica Karwan* with Fight Choreography by Justin Krall.

"You wanna hear my philosophy on life: do it to him before he does it to you."
-Terry Malloy

    ON THE WATERFRONT runs April 26th through May 25th at the New Phoenix Theatre at 95 North Johnson Park.  Performances are Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 8pm.  Tickets are $25 general admission or $15 for students, seniors, and Subversive Theatre members.  Tickets can be purchased online right here through Subversive Theatre's website or reservations can be made on New Phoenix's phoneline at 853-1334.  Admission for all Thursday performances is pay-what-you-can.

    There will be one free preview performance on Thursday, April 25th at 8pm.

    Both New Phoenix and Subversive Theatre are proud to continue a partnership that has produced Artie Award-winning co-productions of WAITING FOR LEFTY (2008) and INHERIT THE WIND (2011).

    Any questions for Subversive Theatre, give us a call at 716-408-0499.

* = indicates members of the Subversive Theatre Collective
+ = indicates members of the Actors' Equity Association

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