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2002-2017: Now in Year #14 of our Kamikaze Journey!
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   "The Arts are the locale for a kind of guerilla warfare . . . they're subtle so the Establishment gambles that they won't lead to anything threatening.  
    But the Establishment often loses that gamble." 

-Howard Zinn


December 21st - 23rd, 2016
at the Manny Fried Playhouse


Subversive Theatre unapologetically presents
for our newest subversive holiday experience...

A three-night-only staged reading of a hilariously subversive new Christmas misadventure
challenging close-minded-ness and religiosity with a love that's anything but "normal"

Directed by David Granville*,
Starring Timothy Lane, Jimi Konidis, Emmy Frank,
Patrick Pettys, Natalie Slipko, and Rhys Watson

December 21st - 23rd, 2016

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday at 8pm
Tickets $10.00 general admission

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        Next up in our fourteenth season of radical theatre, Subverive Theatre is proud to present the world debut of the deliciously in-your-face Christmas misadventure WE THREE by Subversive Theatre's own rising young playwright Michelle Denton, directed by David Granville.
        Three young college lovers think they've found a comfortable poly-amorous existence... until one of the triad finds out at the last minute that his Bible-thumping baptist preacher father is coming to stay for Christmas.  Can "the three" hide away their controversial love for the Holidays... can they pass off their female roommate as "one of the guys"... can they find enough manger scenes to cover up all their Buddhist statues... or will they have to stand up against the unaccepting world around them?
        This Christmas follow a different star to the Manny Fried Playhouse and find out just how much "peace on Earth, good will toward men" there is to go around when love comes in threes.
        WE THREE is by emerging young playwright Michelle Denton.  A recent graduate of Canisius College's Creative Writing Program, Michelle is a stalwart member of Subversive Theatre and proud to be making her playwrighting debut with this presentation.  WE THREE is directed by long-time new play developer David Granville and features the acting talents of Timothy Lane, Jimi Konidis, Emmy Frank, Patrick Pettys, Natalie Slipko, and Rhys Watson.
        Our staged readings of WE THREE runs THREE nights -- December 21st, 22nd, and 23rd all at 8pm.  All shows are at Subversive Theatre's regular performance venue, The Manny Fried Playhouse at 255 Great Arrow Avenue on the third floor of North Buffalo's historic Great Arrow Building.  Tickets are $10.00 for all shows.
        For more info, or to leave a reservation, call our phoneline at 716-408-0499.

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