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  "The starting point of the work of the Proletarian Theatre is not, as hitherto, an aesthetic evaluation of the world but a conscious will to change it." 
-- Erwin Piscator
The Program of the Proletarian Theatre

A melange of pictures from our 2002 productions

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Need A Hand?
The "maniac" (Todd Benzin, left) is caught green-handed by investigative reporter Pamela Faletti (Monica Karwan*) in Subversive Theatre's first-ever full scale production, Dario Fo's THE ACCIDENTAL DEATH OF AN ANARCHIST at Rust Belt Books in September of 2002.

Anarchy For All!
The ensemble of THE ACCIDENTAL DEATH OF AN ANARCHIST at Rust Belt Books, September 2002.
Top row from left to right: Carlton Franklin, Tom Scahill*, and Kim Dossinger.
Bottom row from left to right: Todd Benzin, Monica Karwan*.

A Tradition is Born:
A very crappy photo of Keith Elkins* as the Father of Communism himself in our staged reading of the one-man show KARL MARX IN ALLENTOWN (adapted from the play KARL MARX IN SOHO by Howard Zinn) at Rust Belt Books for our first-ever May Day Staged Reading, 2002.

Where It All Began:
Also a crappy photo, Kate LoConti (left) screams out as mother and son (Arlene Clement, center, and Timothy Patrick Finnegan, right) discuss the finer points of class warfare in Subversive Theatre's first-ever presentation -- a staged reading of Kurt Schneiderman's original work A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON MY WAY TO SHOOT THE CZAR at Rust Belt Books in February of 2002.

* = indicates members of the Subversive Theatre Collective

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