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  "The Revolutionary Theatre must Accuse and Attack anything that can be accused and attacked.  It must kill any God anyone names except common Sense." 

-Amiri Baraka

A melange of pictures from our 2004 productions

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Art Against War:
The cast of our staged reading of Naomi Wallace's IN THE HEART OF AMERICA presented for national "stop the war week" at the Main Street Cabaret, December 2004.
From left to right: Phil Knoerzer*, Katie White*, Rachel Oyama, Matthew Crehan Higgins, Tom Scahill*, and Hugh Davis.

Careful Where You Point That Thing!
The maniacal "Mr. Moneybags" (Donald Gallo, left) teaches an impressionable "Son Discourage" (Rich Kramer, right) how to hold his first pistol . . . or banana . . . as part of the workshop production of Kurt Schneiderman's MOTHER DIS-COURAGE at the Squeaky Wheel Media Arts Center in September of 2004.

Off to Toronto!
A sadistic gulag guard (Dennis Keefe*) prepares to clobber a time-tripping Russian revolutionary (John Kreuzer) in the world-debut production of Kurt Schneiderman's A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON MY WAY TO SHOOT THE CZAR presented in July at Toronto's Helen Phelan Gardner Theatre as part of the 2004 Toronto Fringe Festival.

May Day 2004:
Kathleen Betsko-Yale as playwright Lillian Hellman reads out her protest letter before HUAC Committeemen played by (from left to right) Keith Elkins*, Lawrence Rowswell*, and Neil Garvey for our 2004 May Day Staged Reading of Eric Bentley's ARE YOU NOW OR HAVE YOU EVER BEEN at the Squeaky Wheel Media Arts Center.

Never Forget!
Actor Willie W. Judson, Jr. gives a tour-de-force performance in the one-man show PAUL ROBESON SPEAKS OUT! by Phillip Hayes Dean at the New Phoenix Theatre in February of 2004.

* = indicates members of the Subversive Theatre Collective

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