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2002-2017: Now in Year #14 of our Kamikaze Journey!
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  "In splitting the atom and splitting the ego we have unleashed forces that may destroy us, unless we find a synthesis that will employ atomic energy for peaceful uses, and psychic energy for restoring to man a belief in his own dignity and creative potentialities." 

-Elmer Rice

A melange of pictures from our 2007 productions

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Takin' It To the Streets!
The final scene of our entirely outdoor on-the-move production of Bertolt Brecht's THE EXCEPTION AND THE RULE on the steps of Karpeles Manuscript Museum presented in July-August as part of the 2007 Buffalo "infringement" Festival.
Robed figures from left to right: Marshall Maxwell*, Patricia Armstrong*, Brianna Jernigan.
Masked figures from left to right: Anthony Tyrpak*, Monica Karwan*, Kevin Cain*.
In the foreground: Hasheen DeBerry*. 

Hard Hat Whores:
A gang of construction workers get ready for the day's assignment in the world-debut of FOUNDATIONS by our own Artistic Director Kurt Schneiderman* at the New Phoenix Theatre Jan-Feb 2007.
Left to right across the top row: Andy Moss, Sandra Gilliam*, Keith Elkins*
Left to right across the bottom row: Dennis Keefe*, Chris Standart, Lawrence Rowswell*

May Day 2007:
Some of the actors in our staged reading of Ariel Dorfman's SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER at Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center for our 2007 May Day Presentation.
From left to right: David Granville*, Lara Haberberger*, Hasheen DeBerry*, Diane Cammarata*.

Heads Up!
Actors Joey Bucheker (left) and Jack Agugliaro (right) sport froggy and foxy in the absurdly over-the-top political farce "Please Remove This Stuffed Animal from My Head" by Crystal Jackson -- one of eight plays that made up our showcase of SUBVERSIVE SHORTS 2007 at Rust Belt Book in June, 2007.

* = indicates members of the Subversive Theatre Collective

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