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"Art is a Class Weapon."

-John Reed

Subversive Screenings!

     Yes!  Subversive Theatre recently also offers screening of radical films, documentaries, and clips to our unabashed arsenal of events.  
     For our next "Subversive Screening" we are proud to present:


Tuesday, June 1st @ 8pm
at the mighty Manny Fried Playhouse
(third floor of the Great Arrow Building, 255 Great Arrow Ave)
donations accepted at the door


The shockingly true story of The Trial of the Chicago Seven
Half documentary footage, half animated story featuring the voices of:

Hank Azaria as Abbie Hoffmann & Allen Ginsberg
Nick Nolte as Thomas Foran
Liev Schreiber as William Kunsler
Leonard Weinglass as himself
Jeffrey Wright as Bobby Seale
and many, many others!


The Convention was drama.  The Trial was comedy.

  In 1968, the Democratic National Convention in Chicago was beset by protests in the streets. The Vietnam War had the nation divided, and several youth leaders -- including Jerry Rubin, Abbie Hoffman and other activists/dirty goddamn hippies (depending on which side of the argument you were on) -- organized public protests against the war, against capitalism, against what they saw as America's failings.  Eight of the leaders -- some of whom, like Hoffman and Rubin, were central organizers, and some of whom, like Black Panther Bobby Seale, were not even there! -- were charged with inciting to riot and brought to trial in Chicago in 1969.
  CHICAGO 10 is a film that incorporates you-are-there newsreel and found footage; and in a rare twist also takes the transcripts of the famous Trial and presents it with animated images and the actual court testimony being read out by some of Hollywood's most daring actors.
It's a daring approach to documentarianism and a kick-ass way to keep the fighting spirit of '60s radicalism alive.
So join us for this great film on Tuesday, June 1st at 8pm at the Manny Fried Playhouse.  Admission is free, donations are always welcome!

And check back soon to find out about other "Subversive Screenings" still to come!

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