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2002-2017: Now in Year #14 of our Kamikaze Journey!
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  "The good citizen is not the one who merely lives in a Society: it is she or he who changes it to make it better.  
   Theatre can be the means through which you become a citizen, a place where you imagine a future world."
            -Brazilian Director
           Augusto Boal, 2004

Kamikaze Season #14
Our 2016-2017 Line-Up of Plays

     For our fourteenth year of subversification, we're proud to present our best season yet -- featuring some anti-establishment classics, some daring new works, some under-the-radar gems, and even a deliciously subversive musical!  

     Check out the list below -- don't miss a single show!!!



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September 8th - October 15th, 2016
for Curtain Up 2016
URINETOWN!  The Musical!
Music & Lyrics by Mark Hollmann  Book & Lyrics by Greg Kotis
Directed by Jeffrey Coyle*

Starring Ryan Kaminski, Jenn Stafford, Michael Starzynski*, Erin Coyle & many others
The oh so UN-traditional Broadway musical comes to the Manny Fried Playhouse in full subversive glory!  A toe-tapping tale of toilets, teddy bears, and violent revolution!!! 

November 3rd - December 3rd, 2016
by Dale Wasserman, adapted from the book by Ken Kesey 
Directed by Michael Lodick*
Starring Thomas LaChiusa*, Victor Morales, and Diane DiBernardo-Blenk
Subversive Theatre is honored to present this quintessential story of resistance amidst a nightmare of conformity that inspired an entire generation.  Dale Wasserman's play is FAR more faithful to the book than the film rendition and cuts right to the heart of every non-conformist who ever dared to smash through the bars.

December 21st - 23rd, 2016
by Michelle Denton*
Directed by David Granville*
A treat for the holidays -- a staged reading of this new play by an emerging young Buffalo writer.  A poly-amorous triad of college students think they've got a good thing going... until an angry southern Baptist dad shows up unexpectedly on Christmas Eve!  Gender-bending mayhem ensues as the three try frantically to pass for "normal."

February 23rd - March 18th, 2017
by Diana Son
Directed by Kelly Beuth*
An under-the-radar gem of 1990s protest theatre offers a breath-takingly honest glimpse at love, fear, homophobia, and hate crime as two young ladies come to the brink of discovering something beautiful just as the bigots close in.

April 6th - May 6th, 2017
for the seventh installment of our annual "Black Power Play Series"
Written by Gary Earl Ross*, Directed by Kurt Schneiderman*
Starring Shawnell Tillery, Brian Brown, Lawrence Rowswell*, and Rick Lattimer*
The world debut of a new play that dares to asks: WHAT IF?  WHAT IF it had been George Zimmerman who was shot that night?  What kind of justice would Trayvon Martin have had in store for him at HIS trial?  Drawn from all too real events, this hypothetical play offers an explosive look at the brutal racial injustice all around us.

June 22nd - July 1st, 2017
the seventh installment of our Subversive Youth Series
by D.W. Gregory
, Directed by Kelly M. Beuth*
Starring emerging young actors of Buffalo's Performing Arts High School
Based on astonishingly true events, this tale of corporate greed and workers' courage looks back almost 100 years at the young women factory workers who fought for justice when they learned that the watch dials they were painting were laced with lethal radium.  

* = indicates members of the Subversive Theatre Collective
+ = indicates members of the Actors' Equity Association

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