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  "The good citizen is not the one who merely lives in a Society: it is she or he who changes it to make it better.  
   Theatre can be the means through which you become a citizen, a place where you imagine a future world."
            -Brazilian Director
                    Augusto Boal

Educational Programs

    Yes!  Subversive Theatre does offer a wide range of educational plays that span historical events, discussions of social conscience, debates of ethical dilemmas, and topics of cultural pride.  
    Over the years, we have presented informative and empowering dramas for all types of groups -- from the University at Buffalo to the Faith Baptist Church of Humboldt Parkway, from Herman Badillo High School to Erie Community College.  And we're not afraid to travel outside of Buffalo.  Subversive Theatre productions have been seen from Geneseo, New York, all the way out to Toronto, Ontario. 
    A long list of compelling, topical, and transformative plays stand on the ready to be performed for your school, union, or community organization.  We're also always excited to provide speakers on subjects concerning political theatre for conferences, debates, rallies, and so forth.  If you're interested in getting us involved in your group's next event, CONTACT US right away and let us know!

Educational Plays in our Repertoire:


The Black actor/activist who defined his generation!

Originally performed at the New Phoenix Theatre in February of 2004
-Four Stars, Buffalo News, 2/13/04
-Best Actor Nomination, 2004 Artie Awards
This piece has also been performed at:
-Herman Badillo High School
-The University at Buffalo
-Erie Community College, Downtown Campus
-Enterprise Charter School
-Buffalo's Faith Baptist Church
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Originally performed under the title 
 at Rust Belt Books on May 1, 2002
The Father of Communism at last gets the chance to speak for himself in this rarely produced one-man hour-long soliloquy by radical historian Howard Zinn
This piece has also been performed at:
-SUNY Geneseo
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He's back to set the record straight this time


A look back at Buffalo & war throughout the 20th Century

Originally performed at the New Phoenix Theatre in June & July, 2003
Three-and-a-Half Stars, Buffalo News, 7/1/03
-Best New Play Nomination, 2004 Artie Awards
  "MANIFEST DESTINY BLUES is the modern stepchild of the theater of ideas that extends back to Bernard Shaw, Anton Chekhov and [sic] Berthold Brecht.  Political plays frequently can be tedious. This one scintillates."
-Buffalo News Critic Jim Santella
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Other Informative Political Plays to Consider:

  • THE MEETING by Jeff Stetson
         This critically acclaimed two-act, three-character drama presents a fictitious meeting between Martin Luther King and Malcolm X where the two leaders debate their differing philosophies, find unexpected unity, and fit in plenty of arm wrestling.

  • DARROW FOR THE DEFENSE by David W. Rintels
         This historical one-man two-act play follows the amazing legal career of firebrand left-wing attorney Clarence Darrow through many of his most famous cases including his defense of labor leader Big Bill Haywood, homosexual murderers Leopold & Loeb, and Tennessee Teacher John Scopes in the infamous Monkey Trial of 1925. 

  • THE JEWISH WIFE by Bertolt Brecht
         A short, two-character drama, this classic piece by one of the world's greatest political playwrights offers a painful glimpse into the harsh realities of anti-Semitism and betrayal in Nazi Germany.

         This world renown three-character one-act play by the playwright known as 'the Conscience of South Africa', breathtakingly depicts the emotional turmoil and distorted lives that resulted from South Africa's racist Apartied System.

  • EMMA by Howard Zinn
         A one-woman show by the radical historian who authored A PEOPLES' HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES tells the life story of one of America's most inspiring and misunderstood Anarchist leaders, Emma Goldman.

  • THE FEVER by Wallace Shawn
         A searing, provocative, stream-of-consciousness one-man show that features intensive discussion of social injustice, Marxist theory, and personal introspection.

  • INHERIT THE WIND by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee
         This multiple award-winning, thirty-five character epic retells in a lightly fictionalized fashion the Scopes Monkey Trial of 1925 that brought the debate of Darwinism vs. Creationism into the Courtroom and sparked debate world-wide.

Of course, these are just a few examples.  The list of powerful educational plays out there waiting to be brought to life is veritably endless.  
You let us know what issues your group is looking to address and you'll find we're ready, willing, and able to supply a provocative play that raises the debate to a whole new level! 

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