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  "New art work should shoot bullets."

-Clifford Odets

Our new political play showcase is now an annual event!

The sUBVERsIVE sHORTs Showcase

     How many times have people tried to tell you that "political theatre is dead in America"?  Or repeated that nauseating catch-phrase: "audiences just want to be entertained"?
     Well, we at Subversive Theatre had to listen to these lies twenty times too many and decided we should do something to help illustrate -- and expand -- the vast smorgasbord of political plays that is currently being written and performed throughout the U.S.
     So over the years, we've repeatedly put out the call to playwrights in every corner of the country to send us their best new political plays.  Each time around we've received a dizzying array of submissions on just about every subject imaginable.  We sort through them all and try to choose a nice balance of styles -- comic and serious, absurdist and realistic, metaphorical and literal -- to make up each "sUBVERsIVE sHORTs Showcase."
     The "sHORTs" program originally began as a biennial event.  The first three installments came in 2005, 2007, and 2009.  But as this program has grown at a staggering rate, we've felt it only right to make it a yearly event.
     It's one of the very few new play competitions on this Continent that focuses exclusively on political theatre, but the length, breath, and quality of the works we receive time and time again is an unmistakable testament to the fact that the tradition of political theatre is still very much alive and kicking in modern day America!
     If you're interested in submitting a play for next time around -- sUBVERsIVE sHORTs 2012 -- e-mail our "sHORTs" Curator Gina LaChacz* at to find out more about the submission process.  Entries will be accepted up till February 1st.

* = indicates members of the Subversive Theatre Collective

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