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  "Unless the actor is satisfied to be a parrot or a monkey he must master our period's knowledge of human social life by himself joining in the war of the classes."

-Bertolt Brecht


Adopted Unanimously by the Membership 1/31/09

Statement of Purpose.
            In keeping with our commitment to break away from the elitism and closedmindedness that stultifies so many commercial theatres, Subversive Theatre's Board of Directors hereby authorizes the creation of a "Production Troupe."  The purpose of this body is to allow the artists and volunteers of our organization an opportunity for a greater say in and involvement with the theatre's overall activities.
            While the Board of Directors retains authority over matters of policy (long-term contracts, fund-raising campaigns, fundamental business arrangements, etc.) and the Artistic Director retains final say over the choice of productions and directors, the "Production Troupe" is empowered to act on all matters relevant to STC's individual productions.  The intention is for the "Production Troupe" to serve as both a forum for members to express their ideas for upcoming productions as well as an active body that attends to organizational tasks involved in mounting these productions (promotion, soliciting sponsors, postering, ushering, etc.).

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     To be eligible for membership in the Troupe, individuals must be in general agreement with Subversive Theatre's Mission Statement and have participated in some capacity with at least two Subversive Theatre productions.

     To become a member, individuals may apply at any meeting of the Troupe and have their membership confirmed by a majority vote.

Rights of Members.
     Members have the right to vote at all meetings of the Troupe.  Votes shall be conducted through an open show of hands and decided by a simple majority of those in attendance (no quorum required).  Members also have the right to advanced notification of all of the theatre's upcoming events including auditions, scheduling plans, and so forth.
     Furthermore, members shall receive first consideration over non-members with regards to the casting, contracting, and planning of all of the theatre's productions.  This does NOT guarantee that members will always be cast over non-members (THAT decision will lie with the director of each given project), but it definitely improves their odds.
     Lastly, members have the right to access to all information regarding the Troupe's records, plans, and activities.

Requirements of Membership.
     Members will pay annual dues of $10.00 to be collected on or about May 1st of each year.  Dues will be waived for all members of Subversive Theatre’s Artistic Staff (this does not include actors) since these individuals are already graciously contributing their labor for much less compensation than they deserve. 
     Members will participate in some capacity (either as a performer or as a volunteer through ushering, postering, soliciting sponsorships, set construction, theatre maintenance, etc.) with at least two Subversive Theatre productions per year.  Members will attend at least one meeting of the Troupe per year.            
     Failure to maintain the above level of involvement will cause membership to lapse.  Lapsed members may apply for re-admittance at anytime.

Expectations of the Membership.
     While not required, it is hoped that members will attend all Subversive Theatre productions and take an active role in the solicitation of contributors to our annual fund-drive.

Organizational Structure.
     The membership will elect the following officers to help conduct its business:

1)      Troupe Organizer
The Troupe Organizer will be the main contact point for members to enlist them in ongoing activities, inform them of upcoming meetings and events, field questions, and generally maintain the overall work of the Troupe.

2)      Financial Officer
The Financial Officer will take responsibility for the collecting and maintaining records of the annual membership dues.

3)      Recording Officer and/or Officers
The Recording Officer(s) will take responsibility for documenting all decisions reached at Membership Meetings and making such information available to all interested parties.

Officers will be elected to terms of one year with no limit to terms served.  Annual elections will be held on or about February 1st of each year.  In the event that officers cannot complete their term an interim replacement will be chosen through ad hoc elections at the earliest possible meeting of the Troupe.
     Regular meetings of the Troupe will be held roughly once every two months.  Whenever possible, these will take place during the first weekend of each new Subversive Theatre full production.  The Troupe Organizer will have the authority to cancel, add, or reschedule meetings as necessary.
     Meetings will be chaired by the Artistic Director who will present a proposed agenda at the outset of each meeting.  When necessary, the Artistic Director may appoint an interim chair to oversee the meeting in their stead.

     Subject to the approval of the Board of Directors, the membership retains the right to amend any of the structural elements of this Charter as necessary.  In such cases, a simple majority vote will be required.


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